New member with a photo to sell "Garcia at Warfield"

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New member with a photo to sell "Garcia at Warfield"

Post by itsmejosh » Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:44 pm

This is my first post so I hope it's not too out of line to come on here and advertise an item I have for sale.

It's a large matted photo of Jerry that was shot for the cover of Guitar Player magazine in the early 90s. Story goes In 90s San Francisco, there was a man who sold a certain product, he also happened to be a fan of the Grateful Dead. One day, this man sold a large amount of his product - about $1000 - to a photographer who left this framed photo as collateral; he never came back for the photo.

In 2015, that same man was living in the same town as I in Mexico. He and his wife decided to clean out their garage and that’s how I ended up the owner of this photo and learned the story behind it. The frame was beat up and heavy, I left it there when I moved back to the States.

Titled "Garcia at Warfield"

Please let me know if this doesn't follow the guidelines.


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