March 1991: Jerry Garcia & Elvis Costello Interview

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March 1991: Jerry Garcia & Elvis Costello Interview

Post by SunshineSue » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:49 am

I just ran across this interview from Musician magazine that Jerry Garcia and Elvis Costello did together. I vaguely remember when this came out, Dave had a subscription to Musician for years. It still makes for a good read! :guitarred

As everyone knows, Grateful Dead fans come in all sorts and sizes — including one Elvis Costello. And so, when Musician got the idea of putting him together with the Dead's eminence grise, Jerry Garcia, Elvis took a detour on his way to Los Angeles, where he's putting finishing touches on a new album, Mighty Like a Rose, to San Francisco, where the hardest-working band outside of show business had recently played their ritual New Year's Eve show. They met at the homey Dead office in nearby San Rafael, Elvis nursing some London jet lag and Jerry a slight cold. "So instead of hours and hours and hours," Dead publicist Dennis McNally prophesied, "you'll probably only talk for hours and hours." That was about right. Contrary to casual perception, Garcia and Costello have more than a little in common — voluble personalities, inquiring minds, Irish blood, handy wit and those shaggy beards, for starters, not to mention a way with a melody.

Read the rest here: ... March_1991

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