Ace I Get It - Original Composition 2016

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Ace I Get It - Original Composition 2016

Post by Underground Johnny » Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:14 pm

I love everyone , but I am in no groups. For a time in 2015 - 2016 , I hung out with a swarm of cool people who were in the "Flat Earth" community on YouTube. This composition is a reflection of my time with the Flat Earthers. My friends can be heard in the beginning of the song. Originally designed as a guitar solo, it became a FE song that many loved a few years ago. July 20th is the 50th anniversary of man's TV presentation of MAN ON THE MOON (1969.) No one seems to be talking about the greatest achievement of man kind this year (2019.) I find that fascinating.

At any rate. No matter what your beliefs are - this is a fun track and it is really not a Flat Earth song , if you examine it close enough. ;)

This first track released in 2016 by Zythum Studios and 1st Take Productions,
Is lovingly dedicated to all truthers everywhere:

Ace Mcloud , Yvette , Cynthia , Jon Conq , DaSkarekrow , Victoria , Codenamelumiere, our Dan , Smed. Martin British Speaking , Itmar , Lori Gale , Dreambus , Lori Frary , Geoshifter , Patricia Steere , Alisa , Nora , Louie , Joy , Dawn Of Light , Tina Foster , Ian , Shroom , Globebusters Bob , Zac , Yoshi , Dirth , John & Julie James , StarGods , Dan Pratt , Ninja , Dave McGowan (R.I.P.) , Georgeann Hughes – The Byte Show (R.I.P.) Frank Zappa (R.I.P.) , Chad Wackerman , James Brown (R.I.P.)

Ace I Get It - Lyrics:

600 years ago
Everybody was moving fast
The Earth was moving no
So science had to move the math
We could never find now
What we already knew
They have changed the time (my friends)
So we could never do
It’s Flat , It’s round , it’s flat
We went to school
Where you had to learn
So many rules of thumb
They trained your brain and then
Sent you to a job just to pay your own rent
Now your boss has got the Golden
Serious global concern
To not really see what is right in front of you
It’s completely out of sight
Too insane to be true
That the governments are wrong
When they take everything from you
When they told you we were hip
When we landed on the moon
I am here to tell you that there is something you can do
Step up against this waste and see now what is true
It’s flat , it’s round , it’s flat
(Improvised Rapping) : yeah turn me loose
Jab? You gonna be ahh round?
We gonna be vamping
On the flat ground?
Hahahaha – Right on Jab
Don’t lose the grip now
I want everybody to bring it down soft
Make it nice for the guitar you understand
Got to keep on working move that engine number nine
Come on now…….

Drums - Chad Wackermen
All Instruments and Vocals - undergroundjohnny (John Thomas Milhorat)

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