LightningStrikesDeep or IceCreamyDyes

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LightningStrikesDeep or IceCreamyDyes

Post by icecremekid » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:37 pm

Thanks for unlocking the thread, I hope all the wonderful creatives out there post links to their goodies so that as a community we can encourage and share each others creative endeavours,

so with all good intentions, here is the link to my ETSY store, half the dyes are brand new but the other half are rescued and up-cycled mainly women's tops/blouses etc.

We have lots of TightsLeggings (New) that you Northern Hemisphere peeps might enjoy seeing as how you are heading into winter,
There will always be something new!

Right now we have a goal, airfares for HI NYE, we have our tix for the shows but not much else....would be grateful for any views and shares :jumpeveryone

Thanks again..lets make this board the Missouri Board......get it????? does an Aussie know what that means??????? :cheer:

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