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Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:31 am
by MontrealJared
Hi Everybuddy

It seems I have an extra ticket for Friday Nov 17. It’s a good seat (Loge 3 Row 11). See below for link to seating chart. I am asking face value (175$ US Dollars or 225$ CDN).
I might be willing to take less $$ if the difference can be made up elsewhere ( hint hint).
It is a mobile ticket on my phone but I believe I can transfer it to another ticketmaster account. Otherwise we can meet at the show and enter the venue together.

And in case I haven’t peaked your interest yet, here is the biggest selling point: YOU GET TO SIT NEXT TO ME THE WHOLE SHOW!!

Let me know if you’re interested. Otherwise I will resell it on Tixketnaster. ... dstage.pdf