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Chicago Heads Read

Post by GDfan75 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:06 pm

HELLO CHICAGO DEADHEADS! I'm Brian, and my cousin Mike and I are a couple of Heads in our 40's who are headed to Chicago for both nights at Wrigley Field. It's my first time to Chicago and Mike was there in '94. We don't know anyone in Chicago and don't know the good places to drink and eat around Wrigley. And if any kind, generous gathering of folks were having a Pre-Show/Aftershow party, that a couple of friendly guys from Ohio, who don't know anybody in The Windy City and want to meet kind hearted open minded people, could be invited to would be awesome! Are any bars around the Field having any Post Show bands? I guess we just want to hook up with new friends and just party somewhere before and/or after the shows. We are staying 4 miles NorthWest of the Field, and any information on Best Deep Dish around the Field, and food and bars in general would be much appreciated! Can't wait to see your city for the first time and have the Dead experience of a lifetime! Thank you for reading and any response and any info is greatly appreciated! :jester :jester

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Re: Chicago Heads Read

Post by patchthenation » Sat May 13, 2017 1:20 pm

Cover band Terrapin Flyer has a couple events around the DeadCo shows: ... h_offset=1

June 30th Terrapin Flyer w/Melvin Seals at HVAC Pub
July 1st Terrapin Flyer w/Melvin Seals at Anita Dee Yacht

June 30th | Steve Kimock with Electric Beethoven
Metro - Chicago, IL | Afterparty for Dead & Co, across the street from Wrigley - On Sale tbd

The Cubby Bear is also a great bar right by Wrigley.

As for pizza, I suggest Giordano's or Lou Malnati's.
We will get by, we will survive!

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