TN RV RideShare D&C summer tour

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TN RV RideShare D&C summer tour

Post by roadtripper » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:07 pm

:bears2 If you love the dead :bigheart , and want friendships :beer_cheer that will grow beyond shakedown :grouphug , if you’re looking for life experiences that will stay with you forever :welcomefire , this ride share is for you :.The western half includes: Vegas: Phoenix, Hollywood, Mountain View, S.L.C and Boulder;the eastern half includes: Burgettstown, Boston, :swerve Saratoga, NYC, Camden, Cuyahoga and Chicago. :hop Quit your day job and ride share western, :arrow: eastern or the whole tour. We’ll arrive with ample time to let you vend :leafsmile before and after each show. :cheer: The bonds, and lasting relationships I've made ride sharing over the years, :smileys-passing-joint has been my greatest blessing. :crossed I hope you end this adventure feeling the same way. :crossed I am not profiting financially from this ride share :hop :DancingaJig: . My motivation is :colorwave building community, :seeing lots of shows and showing fellow deadheads a real good time. :woo If you want to be a part of this social experiment :jumpclap text me your email address (415)312-7231 :terrapinnation! Happy trails :waving Alex aka LakawannaBee :bears2

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Re: TN RV RideShare D&C summer tour

Post by Emvibe » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:17 am

All aboard!!!


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