Terrapin Nation in Charlotte/Atlanta?

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Terrapin Nation in Charlotte/Atlanta?

Post by Chuckster » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:55 pm

Hey Now, Terrapin Nation!

I’m planning on attending the Charlotte show (and with some good fortune hopefully be able to also go on to the Wednesday Atlanta show :crossed) and will be driving there :swerve from Raleigh on Tuesday afternoon. Was hoping to meet up with other TN members who will be there to say Hi :waving and perhaps get a pic (with the Terrapin Nation Flag?) that we can post here on the Charlotte Set List thread so we can represent! :terrapinnation!

Any folks going please let me know here and/or send a PM as I will be glad to give you my cell# and see if we can arrange a meet-up :dance

Chuckster :jester

PS-Whoever manages such things please add my name to the TN Charlotte Roll Call—my sincere thanks in advance! :rockon

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