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Post by DrippingColors » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:17 pm

Restoration small.jpg

A walk in the woods
With a heavy heart
Thinking this could
Be the right place to start

To clean out the wound
That festers beneath
The harrowing sound
Of emphatic defeat

The tree canopy
Will shield you from rain
The sheer majesty
Diffuses the pain

Cast onto the river
Your packets of grief
And time will deliver
A turning leaf

The winding path
Will soothe and console
Quelling the wrath
Of your weary soul

If only our dreams
Would proceed as planned
And we'd never need
A friend's helping hand

But day turns to night
And night into day
Our fears take to flight
And dark thoughts are conveyed

Then the sun breaks on through
A thick overcast sky
And it dries up the dew
That drips from your eyes.
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