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Post by Scar1et_F1re » Tue May 23, 2017 10:03 am

About two ago I had the privilege of seeing the one last remaining living member of the original Grateful Dead I had yet to see perform live --- Tom Constanten.

He played with what I'll call a supergroup, in a small venue in Brooklyn NY, not crowded and PLENTY of kind dance space. Played the album Live Dead and then some.......


Lately it's occurred to me.....WALSTIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen Donna Jean a few times, the last time with DSO where I was mesmerized when she was doing her thing during a very hot playing the band, sharing the stage with Linda Mackey of DSO, a sensation in her own right. And I am a proud Donna Lover...although I understand where the haters are coming from ;)

The only members I've never seen are Pigpen and Keith .. makes me feel blessed and grateful...renews my love of the scene.

If you EVERY have a chance to see this lineup, they are off the charts full of amazing talent. ... 9-tribute/

The skilled lineup features early Grateful Dead pianist Tom Constanten, who was the keyboard player for all of the recorded performances on Live/Dead, as well as Rat Dog/The Other Ones lead guitarist Mark Karan, Jefferson Starship/David Crosby Band guitarist Slick Aguilar, and bassist Robin Sylvester. JGB’s Pete Lavezzoli will handle drum duties for the first week of the tour (5/3 – 5/10) while Rat Dog/Electric Beethoven drummer Jay Lane will take over for the tour’s final run (5/12-5/16).
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Post by bones » Sun May 28, 2017 12:28 pm

I was fortunate to catch both versions of the Live Dead 69 band about a week apart

a sunday in RI with Jay & Robin that was just live dead 69 -small room the Met - loved it - plety of dance room $4 canned beers

the following saturday at a theatre - they opened for the family airplane band - this one was a little weirder...i just cant sit for st stephen yet it was mostly a seated show - or standing in your row

i also loved the airplane family band...i would def go see either again

within that same 8 days i alos caught 2 great DSO shows - both recreations 45 years for 5-18-72 Kongresshall Munich W. Germany then 40th of 5/21/77 Lakeland, FL 5/21/77
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