Ohio Heads --> Wrigley meet up

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Ohio Heads --> Wrigley meet up

Postby GDfan75 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:59 pm

Hey now! I'm Brian,42, and my cousin Mike, 41, and I are going to Wrigley this summer for both shows. We are gonna arrive at our hotel Fri. morning of the show and head to Wrigley area A.S.A.P. (We are only 5 miles north and we will be taking the bus down.) If any heads are headed over from Ohio and wanna meet/hang out with a couple fellow Buckeyes, get in touch! We don't know anyone else going to these shows and we won't have a car to chill by in the lot, taking bus from hotel. I have never been to Chicago before and Mike was there in '94 for a show. There is a Buckeye bar 3 blocks from the field and after we are done walking around Shakedown and checking out the scene, I think we are gonna end up there for a couple pre-show drinks. Any other traveler from Ohio wanna meet up and go there for a drink or go anywhere message me and we will keep in touch. It would be cool to know someone, kinda, when we get there, especially from our home state! :beer_cheer

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